I’m Labour because I believe that we’re all in this together. I want everyone to be able to achieve their full potential in life, and I believe that is more likely to happen when we build strong and fair communities.

The current government just isn’t getting us there. The gaps in our society are growing. Home ownership is now the lowest since 1951, an epidemic of armed robberies is sweeping our small businesses, around 150,000 of our children live in poverty, Auckland’s congestion is choking our city, and our economy is stuck in a low-value, low productivity spiral.

We’re still a good country with a huge amount going for us, but we just can’t ignore these mounting problems.

It’s time for a change. A new Labour government will get to work taking action to build a stronger and fairer New Zealand in which all of our people can thrive.

  • We’ll build 100,000 affordable homes to restore the dream of home ownership, crack down on rampant speculation, and look after families who need social housing and support.
  • We’ll put 1000 new community-based police officers on the beat to deter crime, and support our young people into good jobs and education so that they don’t turn to crime in the first place.
  • We’ll prioritise our children and set clear targets for reducing child poverty in New Zealand.
  • We’ll take decisive action to create a congestion free Auckland. No more tinkering – it’s time for serious investment in modern rapid transit for our city.
  • We’ll invest in Research & Development, education, and our regions to shift our economy to a high value, high wage platform that builds and retains wealth in New Zealand.

Our country has so much potential, we just need a government that has the ambition to make change where it is needed. That is what Labour has always done, and it’s what we will do with your support after September 23.


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