Increase police numbers for safer communities.

Burglary is up 14 percent in Mt Roskill. I’ve personally been affected, and I know many other people in our community have been too.

Despite this, our local Police station has been closed to the public. Worse still, since being elected National has only hired 274 more cops for a population increase of 274,000 people. Our Police do a great job looking after the community – they deserve a government that has their back.

Labour will support these additional Police Officers with $180m a year of extra funding. That will mean we not only have the extra officers we need but also the extra support staff, training, and resources they need to do the job.

Labour will work with Police to ensure that these additional Police Officers are concentrated on the crimes that have got out of control under National, and restore community policing. Investigations into assaults and, in particular, sexual assaults will get more police resources so that the criminals who commit these crimes and hurt New Zealanders are brought to justice. Burglaries and robberies will be prioritised so that families and businesses are safe. The suppliers of P will be targeted by giving Police more resources to break the operations that bring the drug into the country.

As well as committing funding for 1,000 more Police, Labour will address the causes of crime through its policies to create more jobs and lift incomes, reduce poverty, make education and training more readily available to young people, and better resourcing for health including mental health and addiction services.

Tell me what you think needs to be delivered for Mt Roskill.

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