Mt Roskill is my home, the place I love.

Julie and I decided that this was where we wanted to settle and build our lives back in 2002, and we haven’t looked back. Our oldest boys go to one of our wonderful local public schools, I’ve spent time volunteering for many local community groups, we enjoy the stunning Waikowhai Coast where I tramp around in the bush trapping rats and possums, and before becoming local MP I served Puketāpapa Local Board for six years.

There are many things you can say about Roskill, but I reckon there is one idea at the heart of this community:

It’s a place where people come to get a start.

Over generations, people from all corners of the world, from different classes and backgrounds, have come here to put down roots and build a good life for their families.

As your local MP I consider it my job to help ensure that everyone in our community still has that same opportunity today.

Sometimes that involves advocating for policies at the national level, whether it’s decent and affordable housing for all people, action to build modern rapid transit to our community, or better resourcing for our local police.

At other times it is about working with local community leaders to speak up on issues that are happening here in Mt Roskill such as the Three Kings quarry proposal, major housing redevelopment in the Freeland/Roseman area, or working with the Wesley community to preserve our local name when it was going to be taken away (we won that battle!)

I’m also here to help people with individual issues. With my experienced and caring electorate office staff, Elaine and Terry, I am able to provide assistance to local residents who are having problems with government departments or who need general advice. Just give us a call on 09 624 2278 to make an appointment.

Over the past thirteen years that I have lived in Mt Roskill, I have found it immensely rewarding to work with other people to deliver positive change in our community and I consider it a privilege to serve as your local MP.

Tell me what you think needs to be delivered for Mt Roskill.

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